So erfrischend wie BrotKVASS
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Was Ist Kvass?

The Beginning
Everything started a few years back with an improvised hiking trip in Western Ukraine. Together with a friend Christian had climbed the Hoverla-summit in the Carpathian mountains. They were surprised by intense fog and cut off from any mobile communication. All water supplies had already been used up a long time ago and it would take another three hours before they would chance upon the next mountain hamlet. The local bar was offering two options: beer and Kvass. It was at this moment that Christian became a fervent Kvassonian.

However, the way from becoming a Kvassonian to becoming an actual producer of KVASS proved to be a lengthy one. Most important question: how is Kvass actually being brewed?! Difficult, difficult, and various frustrating home-brewing attempts made us look for expert advice.

The advice we needed we finally found at the world´s oldest brewing university in Weihenstephan/Bavaria, where our Kvass-recipe was calibrated to perfection. The actual production is now being done in a small family-owned brewery near Nurenberg.