So erfrischend wie BrotKVASS
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Was Ist Kvass?

Cultic Thirst-Quencher
In Russia, Ukraine, as well as in most other countries east of the Carpathian mountains, Kvass has been the number 1 thirst-quencher for more than 1000 years. Its malty-fruity flavour makes Kvass a unique refreshment experience. And all natural.

Plus: According to Russian folklore, Kvass can cure pretty much all known ailments. Fact is: its isotonic character is quenching any kind of thirst-level.

Why this legendary wonder-drink has not found its way earlier across the Carpathians? We simply find this inexplicable!

At some point in time, shrouded in the mists/depths of history, a poor Russian peasant must have thought that his piece of bread had now really become quite inedible.

But throwing it away? No way! With a bit of water, some patience (e.g. the fermentation setting in) and a few added herbs his bread did become quite enjoyable again – albeit now in liquid form! That is how Kvass came into the world.

For all those who take this to be a rather crude way of preparing a drink – be assured: nowadays Kvass is being produced in a more civilised fashion and on the basis of malt.

KVASS triumphant
Ever since this peasantly stroke of genius, the drink´s conquest of Russian refreshment habits has proven unstoppable. The annals tell us, that already the christening of the Russian people in 988 was celebrated by prince Vladimir and his subjects with a good sip of Kvass.

Ivan the Terrible drank Kvass, Fyodor Dostoyevsky drank Kvass and of course Yuri Gagarin, Nikita Khrushchev and Valery Lobanovsky drank Kvass. In short: everybody drank – and keeps drinking - Kvass.

In Russia today in summertime, you will find at every street-corner a huge Kvass-serving tank-wagon – the so-called bochkas. Prost!